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Gun Legislation Movement in Washington State House

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WA State Legislation

The NRA reports on the movement of Gun related legislation here in Washington State. Here is the summary of those bills:

Substitute to Senate Bill 5062 High Capacity Magazine ban Failed to receive a floor vote
House Bill 1068 High Capacity Magazine ban Failed to receive a floor vote
Senate Bill 5174 CPL Mandatory Training Failed to receive a floor vote
Senate Bill 5745 Expanding Extreme Risk Protective Orders Failed to receive a floor vote
House Bill 1010 Destruction of Forfeited Firearms Failed to receive a floor vote
House Bill 1225 Law Enforcement seizure of firearms when called to the scene of an alleged Domestoc Violence scene Passed a floor vote
House Bill 1465 CPL Holders to undergo a state background check instead of NICS check. Passed a floor vote
House Bill 1786 Expansion of firearm siezures to a wider range of protective orders Passed a floor vote
Senate Vote 5027 Expansion of Extreme Risk Protectove Orders Passed a floor vote
Senate Bill 5181 Suspension of 2nd Ammendment Rights for 6 months after being released from a 72 hour mental health evaluation Passed a floor vote
Subsititute to Senate Bill 5434 Expansion of areas considered gun free zones Passed a floor vote
House Bill 1934 Renewal by mail of CPL for military members stationed outside of Washington Passed a floor vote

Contact your legislators to let them know how YOU FEEL on these issues. The NRA has a good article on Effectively Communicating With Your Lawmakers.

You can see the full article on the NRA-ILA site

Range Rules Have Been Updated

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Range Rules

The Range Rules have been updated. It is every members responsibility to understand and follow the Range Rules. Click on the Range Rules link in the navigation sidebar to the left top bring them up. A downloadable PDF version is linked at the top of that page.

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