Club Officers

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PositionNamePhoneTerm Ends
President Larry G. Memmer 3609692588 2022-12-31
Vice President Randy W. Pike 3605442140 2022-12-31
Secretary Kay M. Gheen 3605448100 2022-12-31
Treasurer Ralph R. Young 3606780430 2022-12-31
Director Michael D. Cox 3603990078 2023-12-31
Director Michael C. Marks 3609695814 2023-12-31
Director Michael K. Nortier 6199474299 2022-12-31
Director Gary J. Winlund 3606789879 2022-12-31
Director Douglas G. Smith 3606720629 2024-12-31
Director Ron E. Martin 3603208797 2024-12-31
Membership Secretary(b) Wesley D. Kenworthy 3606753524 2023-12-31
Committee Chairs
Coordinator-Appleseed Robert Blanchard 3602401500
Coordinator-Archery William E. Simons 3609291252
Coordinator-Falling Plate Pistol Roger P. Richard 3608208105
Coordinator-Falling Plate Rifle Roger P. Richard 3608208105
Coordinator-Hanging Plate Pistol Gary P. Raster 3606798375
Coordinator-Hanging Plate Rifle Larry G. Memmer 3609692588
Coordinator-Hanging Plate Rifle Gary P. Raster 3606798375
Coordinator-Pin Richard C. Morgan Jr. 4257505444
Coordinator-Rifle Lance M. Landquist 3603203645
Coordinator-Steel Challenge Al Lindell 3606780960
Coordinator-Trap Ralph L. Downes 3602027562
Fund Raising Linda Pickering 3603205702
Hunter Safety Course John J. Boling 3609692440
Newsletter John S. Mott 3602223161
NRA Recruiter Gary J. Winlund 3606789879
Public Relations William M. Balfour 3606791812
Public Relations Ron E. Martin 3603208797
R.S.O Coordinator Kelly L. Gustafson 3606784430
Scheduling Al Lindell 3606780960
WebMaster Cliff F. Howard 3606755682
WebMaster Randal J. Nollan 3606785215
Work Projects Edwin L. Hilkey 3609292896