Orientation for new member will be held on 20 November 2021 in The Club House at 12:00 to 1:00PM and renewals start at 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Membership Renewal Dates

October 9th from 1:00-3:00; October 11th from 5:00-7:00pm; October 23rd 1:00-3:00pm; October 25th 4:00-6:00pm

November 6th 1:00-3:00pm; November 8th 5:00-7:00pm; November 20th Renewals only 1:00-3:00pm; November 22nd from 4:00-6:00pm; November 27th from 10:00am-12:00pm

December 4th from 10:00am-12:00pm; December 13th from 5:00-7:oopm; December 27th from 4:00pm-6:00pm

January 15th 2022 12:00pm to 2:00pm Renewals only with late fees.

Membership is now open!

Please complete a Member Application and mail it to the address indicated on the form (do not send any money) or bring the application to one of new member orientations shown on the club calendar. We accept cash, checks and credit cards at the time of orientation and sign up. The dues for 2022 are $89 cash or check, and $91.50 for credit cards. All memberships expire on December 31 of each year. Renewals are $84.00 for 2022 and Senior members are $42.00. If joining after January, dues will be pro-rated for the remainder of the year.

Annual Membership Renewal

All memberships expire on 31 December of each year.
Membership renewal begins in October.
All members must complete a membership/renewal application. Whidbey Island residents must renew in person on any of several dates which are published in the newsletter and on the web site. If through some extenuating circumstance you are unable to renew in person, please contact the Membership Secretary. Remember that it is a requirement to attend one service project a year at the club in order to renew your membership. If you fail to do Club service you will be charged $48 in addition to your dues. Members failing to renew before 31 December will be charged a $25 re-instatement fee in addition to dues. Those members residing off Whidbey Island may renew by mail. Please follow the directions on the application when doing so. Don’t forget to send your key along with your application and check. There is a $2 charge for shipping and handling.

Senior Membership

Members over the age of sixty-five and who have been members in good standing of the CWSA for the immediately preceding five years are eligible for senior membership. If you meet the criteria, please remind the Membership Secretary when you renew.

Membership applications

Membership Applications can be found in a mailbox at the entrance gate, or downloaded Here – requires pdf reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader.
If you don’t have one, recommend Foxit PDF Reader: