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Membership Renewals

Category: Clubhouse Functions

Dues for 2018 have increased $24 from last year, but the $50 assessment has gon away: $84 dues Plus $5 for new member key.   Life membership dues have been raised to 1/2 the normal dues. All memberships expire on Dec.31, 2017. In order to renew your membership you must:

1. Complete a membership application (available on the website or available at renewal times).  Life members must also complete an application form. Present the application at one of the times listed.

2. Bring proof of NRA membership (a current NRA card or cover from a recent NRA magazine containing the address block).

3. Cash or check for payment.

4. Your key, so it can be recoded.  Current keys will not work after Dec. 31.

You will be able to renew your NRA membership on the renewal dates. If your NRA does not expire early in the year, the NRA will add 12 months to your previous renewal date.  Our club will benefit by your renewal through CWSA.  Payable by cash or check.


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