This page is dedicated to important notices and announcements such as recalls and political measures affecting our Second Amendment rights.

Repeal Initiative 1639

There are petitions in the club house that need to be signed for a repeal of Initiative 1639 to get on the ballot. These need to be collected and sent in by Dec. 24, 2019. Please make a point to stop by the clubhouse and sign this so we can have a shot at getting rid of this ridiculous issue.
The person heading up the effort locally is Edwin Hilkey 360-929-2896

Latest yearly Schedule

Link to the latest and greatest schedule from Al.

Misc. Notices

Essay about news media and gun hype by Alan Korwin – BLOOMFIELD PRESS.

Letters from members

Al Lindell’s letter concerning 2nd Ammendment Rights


7/25/2017 – RUGER® Mark IV® RECALL

10/13/2017 – P320® Voluntary Upgrade Program – U.S. Consumers

8/11/2008 – RUGER® SR9® PRODUCT SAFETY WARNING AND RECALL NOTICE3/5/2014 – .22 Winchester Ammo Recall

Important Political Items and Links

HR 45 Summary

HR 45 Full Text (online)

HR 45 with notations(pdf)

Second Ammendment Foundation

True Lobby – A page with Current Bills and Popular Issues